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About Us

O’Neill & Brown Plumbing Company (ONBP) are experts in the delivery of high-quality plumbing infrastructure. For us, the client—and their project—is our highest priority.

With 50 years’ experience in Canberra and surrounding regions, we have become a part of the local community with deep connections to all aspects of the construction industry.

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As family-owned business, we place great importance on our people. As the company grows, we maintain an in-house workforce that is encouraged to push and exceed industry standards. A strong focus on training allows us to accurately recommend the newest and most efficient technologies and are envied across the industry. By investing in our people, we are able to keep a stable crew and maintain a high level of corporate knowledge. A large permanent workforce is also supported by ONBP’s own plant and equipment, so we can quickly resource a project or adapt to the ever-changing changes circumstances onsite. ONBP can recommend the right product to save money and energy and integrate each system into the fire and electrical plans for the project.



ONBP is a family-owned business established almost 50 years ago. During that time, the company has matured and evolved into one of Canberra’s largest plumbing companies and has built a culture of trust and reliability, with both our clients and our staff.

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ONBP has a proven record of accomplishment for delivering reliable and cost-effective construction and maintenance works. Our new Service Department raises the standard for the local industry and extends the life of the customer’s assets. We are excited about the opportunity to provide a new level of excellence in customer service, innovation and reliability. ONBP is proud of the quality of our work, the relationships we foster, and the value we provide to our customers. ONBP is equipped with a substantial workforce, and has its own first-class plant and equipment, and we are capable of meeting varying resource demands across small and large-scale projects.

Plumbing Quality


Water (and its management) has always been an essential part of life. The effect of poor sanitation on any community can be drastic, and it is important that new technologies and methods be continually invested in to improve our lives within our community.

With this in mind, ONBP has a large, dedicated workforce, which delivers a high quality product on commercial projects, new and refurbishment projects, as well as residential properties.

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ONBP is committed to maintaining and growing its reputation within the region. Our employees are our most valued assets, and we pride ourselves on the quality and dedication of our people. All of our staff possess excellent customer service and time management skills as well as multiple trade qualifications. Our service team has many years of combined experience, particularly within the hydraulic service industry. ONBP maintains a substantial field-based workforce of service technicians who are qualified drainers, plumbers and gas-fitters. A fully maintained fleet of plant and equipment, a fabrication workshop, a WHSEQ Manager, a design team, a management team, an administrative team and the latest computer software supports this workforce.

Our Team

ONBP has been operating around the ACT and surrounding regions for almost 50 years. Since this decision was made in recent years, a new model for service delivery has seen ONBP move to a fast-growing industry leader. As a family-owned business, ONBP know the importance of delivering efficient systems. Getting the job done right can save many thousands of dollars over the lifespan of a building. Our wealth of knowledge and experience. which has been gained through many years in the fire protection, plumbing and building industries. Our management team are experts in their respective fields and have worked on some of the largest projects locally and nationally during their time in the industry.

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Jeff Gare
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