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Protection Package

Protection Package; (Includes Compliance Package)

Protection package delivers the peace of mind that all plumbing related assets are protected for operational, running and property insurance requirements.

In this package, we ensure all common area assets are inspected every 12 weeks. when we are on site with the customer receiving a comprehensive condition report on all common hydraulics, this differs from the compliance package as this inspection is used to identify and report any defects to reduce future asset breakdowns and life expectancy.

Protection package assets/plant items and service frequency

Preventative Maintenance Protection Package (Includes Compliance Package)


Maintenance Required


Health Check

Common area assets;

Taps, Hose cocks, Sinks, Basins, Vanity’s, Tubs, Baths, Showers, Cisterns, Toilets and Urinals, Tempering Valves

Water Meters, Gas Meters, Eye wash Bay/showers, Storm Water Spells, Storm water pits, Sewer manholes, Hot Water Units, Pumps, TMV’s, Balancing Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve.


     3 Monthly


  • Inspect for leaks, damage and maintenance signs
  • Inspect all assets for obvious faults
  • Ensure correct operations of all assets
  • Inspect bracketing and supports to ensure firm fixing
  • Condition reports for all health check assets provided with quotations’ for identified defective and/or faulty fixtures/assets


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