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Thermostat Mixing Valve (TMV) Testing

Every year, thousands of people suffer serious shock or scalding injuries in their bathtubs, sinks and showers. Additional untold numbers become ill due to water-borne bacteria, such as Legionella. Often, injuries in the shower are caused by slips and falls in reaction to a sudden increase or decrease in water temperature. Ideally, if the supply of hot or cold water is lost, the water flow should be shut down immediately.

Thermostatic mixing valves maintain and limit the mixed hot water as per AS4032.3 to a desirable selected temperature, helping to prevent scalding injury. Below is a guideline of the maintenance timeframes for TMV’s.

TMV Testing Requirements (AS4032.3)

  • By law inspection and compliance every 12 months, and
  • By law replacement of thermostat and O-rings every 5 years.
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